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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ion workers who were part of a breach of the interior department network. opm says tonight it is working with the defense department now to find a firm who can handle the now-massive number of current and former employees who will need credit monitoring but delegate eleanor holmes norton from d.c. says the three years of coverage opm is offering is not nearly enough. >> the very least we should do is give them lifetime identity protection. it has to be lifetime because they may do nothing now, but they may do something years from now. >> nbc white house correspondent chris jansing joins us live from the white house. chris, where do we go from here now that katherine archuleta has stepped down? >> reporter: yeah the immediate question is what does this mean for the 22 million americans, bun in 15 americans, affected by this? the answer suspect clear. at the briefing today, white house press secretary josh earnest said that investigators
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don't even yet have a handle on exactly who is affected and that means that no letters can go out, no notification go out. remember, this covers people who got background checks over the last 15 years. some of them never worked for the federal government. some of them don't work for the federal government now. so first and foremost, they would have to track all those people down once they figure out exactly who they are. in the mean tame, what do you do for them you heard from eleanor holmes norton, she along with democratic senators, who have large numbers of federal workers in their district, are proposing that lifetime protection as well as $5 million in insurance, but there is no guess even at this point whether it's the three years that opm is suggesting or if they do a lifetime protection what that would cost or how that would even work and all of this gives new urgency to what are known vulnerabilities, obviously not just at opm but talked about vulnerabilities from every
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agency, now on a 30-day fast track, where every agency has been told that they have to do a number of things. first of all batch all known vulnerabilities, use information that they are getting from the department of homeland security to mitigate what threats there are, but also, to dramatically accelerate sort of the kind of information you have to put in to get into a system. for example, a lot of systems in the federal government you only need one password and they want to do sort of a multipassword system. in the meantime the current chief performance officer at omb is going to take over as the new head at least temporarily of opm. >> all right, chris jansing at the white house live for us. chris thanks so much. down and out. thousands of people cheering as south carolina's state police honor guard lowered the confederate flag for the last time outside the state capitol a few hours later the crews also removed the pole andite yorn
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fence surrounding it. many of the mary mony praised the removal of the civil war era banner while others say the move dishonors their history and ver damage. >> gives people an excuse to be mean anding you labor day today a totally different ballgame. >> hiding and tuck under a rug, so to speak isn't going to open a die log. >> setting a dent for the world to see that south carolina is bigger than what everyone else thinks of it. >> that flag will preserved in a nearby museum. for more perspective, here is craig melvin who grew up in south carolina. >> reporter: time has changed in south carolina. one could argue before the church massacre, there was a bit of a paradigm shift under way. i sat with governor haley a week ago and said that this, for her at least, is about more than a flack. flag.
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it is about changing perceptions as well. as you know that flag symbolized race. and hatred and evil for a lot of people in this country. but for others, it symbolized heritage. that is not a debate that is going to end immediately. i do think there is probably bit of a misconception because the battle flag is gone we are all gonna join hands in the state capitol and sing kumbaya. that is not going to happen. we have seen a number of confederate battle flags this morning. seen one driving in from the airport. seen one pop up, perhaps even a lot more in the short term. the ku klux klan staging a rally here on june 18th to call for the flag to be reinstated. this is not a debate that is going to end. but the debate has changed. a page has been turned in an un unkneeableun undeniable way, whether it is
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flags or monument, what do they really mean what do they really symbolize? the gun that dylann roof -- that police say dylann roof used in the charleston church massacre should never have been sold to him, according to the fbi. an examiner looking at roof's background check did not see that he had been arrested and as mid to using drugs. and that would have made imineligible to buy a handgun. but he did buy a .45-caliber handgun that he allegedly used to kill nine people. fbi director says the fbi is sick -- comey, is sick this happened. a breakthrough in a case that shocked a northern virginia community. more than a year after a convenience store clerk and mother of three was shot in the head a suspect is now identified and charged. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us from the spotsylvania fast mart where the clerk worked. julie? >> reporter: only days after she survived being shot in the head working the night shift here
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clerk kelly wood told me she was confident this day would come. it has taken a while though. a man is charged from spotsylvania county. i learned today, he is no stranger to trouble. >> from -- >> reporter: this was kelly wood's message when she spoke to me right after she was released from the hospital last year, a feeding tube still taped to her face. >> i want him caught. and i want him in jail. >> reporter: this was the video released by the spotsylvania sheriff that shocked the commune i it was march 8, 2014 a man posing as a customer raises a gun and shoots kelly wood twice in the head. he flees with the medication cabinet. kelly calls 911 before she collapses. now, 16 long months later, the news kelly wood awaited, an indictment from a special grand jury. >> sheriff here i'm very relieved that we have made progress in this case. >> reporter: 33-year-old derek sprouse is already in jail in north carolina where he was arrested for another more recent armed robbery. here's what i learned about him in spotsylvania court records, two years ago, he pleaded guilty
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to abusing his stepdaughter but only served six months in jail. investigators say they can't reveal how they linked spouse to the fast mart shooting. the sheriff says the atf and fbi helped with the top-priority case. >> my staff and i have discussed this case every day. we have a couple detectives here that never give up and they have followed every lead. >> reporter: this fast mart customer who knows kelly, was happy to get the good news about an indictment. >> i think it's great. if it's him and he did commit those crimes, he needs to be put in jail. i'm glad he has been caught. >> reporter: and coming up on news 4 at 6:00, what kelly wood and her husband have to say about this day they have long awaited. back to you now wendy. >> all right, julie carey. the weather may have played a role in the death of that stafford county couple whose bodies were found in the potomac yesterday. investigators say storms on wednesday carried 25-mile-an-hour winds that could have cause sold problems for the
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19-foot speed boat that charles zintner and melissa smarr were riding in. the couple was reported missing after they didn't return to the stafford county yacht club on wednesday and their bodies were found thursday near their boat which was anchored and was out of gas. nice out there now, folks, but don't be fooled. >> yeah, the rain's not quite done with us yet. doug? >> yeah well down to the south, charlottesville, driving south of fredericksburg, very heavy rain in this area. for us, any rain that happens will be overnight in the d.c. metro area, most of our region. this is where our rain will be coming from. you can see the storms ant rain back to the west. this will move across our region overnight tonight, so most of tonight is going to be rain free, right on through about 10 or 11. the rain moves in overnight. got that weekend forecast for you, let you know if that will affect your weekend, and the next chance for strong storms early next week, talk about that in my forecast as well. >> doug, thank you. it is a new and changing drug that police warn could cause more violence and more deaths than the crack epidemic.
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we have already seen issues here in the district linked to synthetic marijuana. today, the mayor signed a law that will stiffen penalties against businesses caught selling the product. news4's mark seagraves explains. >> we have to put our heads together and figure out what the national strategy is going to be to stop this madness because we don't want to go back to the crack cocaine days. >> reporter: synthetic drugs have been linked anecdoteally to recent crimes like the fatal stabbing on metro and an abandoned baby found on a downtown street. not to mention numerous overdoses at local homeless shelters. d.c. mayor muriel bowser signed a new law today that will allow the chief of police to shut down any business caught selling the synthetic drugs for four days. and to fine the store $10,000 on the first offense. if the stores are caught a second time -- >> mpd has the authority to shut down repeat offenders for up to
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30 days and the business will face a $20,000 fine. [ applause ] >> reporter: sinnet thissic theltsynthetic marijuana is known on the streets as k2 scoop i-- scooby snax and bizzaro. >> those are the ones most at risk of dying from using it. we have to hit the businesses first. >> reporter: lanier acknowledged while the crackdown beginning today focuses on stores that set illegal drugs, street dealers are also becoming a bigger problem. but she says the street dealers are harder to prosecute. >> there's no street-level field test, so to speak. so there is a delay in the time that we can go forward with prosecution. >> reporter: you heard the chief mention delays in pros cukes of individuals who are caught possessing and selling synthetic marijuana. coming up at 6:00, we will tell you what the federal
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government's role is in that. in the district, mark seagraves, news4. a man who ran down a d.c. police officer with his car could spend the next three decades in prison. a jury yesterday found kevin bruno guilty of multiple assault charges in a crash that seriously injured motorcyclist sean hickman. officer hickman has undergone more than 15 surgeries since he was knit 2013, he is now back at work but he does not have full mobility and he can no longer perform patrol duties. bruno is to be sentenced later this fall. one of the men hurt in that cycling crash at the world police and fire games is making a good recovery now. the officer darryl is now back home in winnipeg canada, after being released from fairfax county. fairfax county fire and rescue moved him and his -- to his family members. they say he is in good spirits and walk around. he is one of two men hurt in last week's crash. a third man who is an officer from brazil died in the race.
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we are just learning that a camp counselor at a prestigious private school is ause 'cused of having inappropriate contact with an 11-year-old. still ahead what parents need to know about the timing of when he worked with local kids. plus, virginia's attorney general investigating a power company scam. we will tell you exactly who is being targeted. i'm jackie bensen. the d.c. chef who said no thank you to donald trump
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a second celebrity chef is knicksing plans to open a restaurant in donald trump's d.c. hotel at the old post office pavilion. jeffrey zack carian says his company employs many immigrants and trump's recent comments don't align with his values. trump has been under fire for his statements accusing undocumented immigrants of being drug deemers and rapists. jose andreas also pulled plans to open a restaurant in that hotel. and now for the first time today, ber hearing from that celebrity chef. >> yeah, jose andreas spoke to news4's jackie bensen about his very public dispute with donald trump. she joins us now live with that reaction. jacky? >> reporter: jim chef andreas
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would not comment on reports that donald trump jr. has been getted as saying he will force him to pay out the ten years of that restaurant lease that chef andreas does not plan to use. the chef indicated that's not likely to change his mind about that. as the fallout continues from donald trump's controversial remarks about immigrants, d.c. chef jose andres finds himself a somewhat reluctant polarizing figure, citing his employees and his own position as a new citizen of the u.s., andres essentially walked away from a deal to run a restaurant in the trump hotel taking shape at the old post office pavilion on pennsylvania avenue near the white house. this afternoon, andres took part in a ceremony marking the 100th class to graduate from the d.c. central kitchen's culinary training program. clearly reluctant in the political limelight, andres spoke to us positively of the trump son and daughter involved in the hotel deal but notably,
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omitted the name of their famous father. >> this has been led by ivanka trump and donald trump jr., and quite frankly they are two of the most unique people you can work with. they are really great people and i only wish them the best. this is a great opportunities for it will create amazing opportunities for their city. a very iconic building. i love this building. i always dream of being part of this building. so part of me is always going to be part of this building and i only want the best for this project. >> while the chef was reluctant to speak extensively about this in front of our camera later we got a very deep insight into his feelings in a powerful emotional graduation speech he made here at the culinary class graduation. you will hear that coming up on news4 at 6:00. back to you. >> look forward to that. thank you. a state different unlike many others took place at the white house today. first lady michelle obama hosted 55 kids from all over the
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country for the fourth annual kids state dinner. the kids created winning recipes, healthy, delicious, low-cost recipes. the young chefs attend from our area were 8-year-old timothy burke from d.c. prepared vegetable confetti spring rolls. >> i thought it was challenging and i like challenges. sometimes you think you're going to lose but you don't. >> that's the spirit. hey, you can try timothy's spring rolls at home. we hear they are good. there is a link to the recipe on our website, just search spring rolls. the chairman of the d.c. council says legal scalping zones are a bad idea. his comments came after the news4 i-team showed you last night how scalpers all over the city are hawking tickets for hundreds of dollars sometimes near police who don't do anything to stop it. scalping is illegal in d.c., but multiple sources told the i-team that there's discussion at the d.c. council to change the law, possibly creating legal scalping
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zones. but chairman mendleson is against this idea, telling us in an e-mail -- >> former virginia governor bob mcdonnell may continue his legal battle but faces an uphill climb after a major setback today a federal appeals court denied the appeal of the public corruption conviction. mcdonnell, as you recall, was found guilty of doing favors for a farmer ceo in exchange for more than 165,000 dollars in gifts and loans. mcdonnell faces two years in prison. a mother of two young children who have been missing since last fall remains incompetent to stand trial on charges related to their disappearance. katherine hoggle has been in a mental facility since her two children, sarah and jacob vanished while in her custody back in september. and hoggle refuses to tell anyone where they are. she appeared before a judge for
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another competency hearing today. judge citing the report says hoggle is making progress and could one day be fit for trial. >> i think in terms of the doctors and at least as what we have observed, i don't know that she knows a lot. >> hopefully she has a treatment plan that will get her out and get her where she can tell us where the children r >> hoggle will be back in court for another update on her mental condition in september. i'm pat lawson muse. this just into the news4 live deck. a camp counselor in bethesda is charged with having sexual contact with an 11-year-old girl. his name is john lewis valenzuela. he lives d.c. he worked at the houlton arms creative summer camp in bethesda taught magic classes there the kids call him jolly. the 11-year-old girl told police
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that during those classes last week, valenzuela inappropriately touched her. montgomery county police who says anybody else who believes they maybe a victim of this teacher to come forward. back tour jim. >> thank you, pat. a well-known landmark in montgomery county is gone. we will show what you is left of white flint mall and explain what is next for the neighborhood. he lied to his patients and treated healthy people for cancer. it is now judgment day for the doctor who was just trying to cash in. and it's a popular painkiller. they are all popular pain killers and the fda is strengthening its warning to raise the risk of heart attack or stroke. so what's really safe to take? you have answers fr
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we are looking at beautiful friday, plenty of sunshine. call it a fantastic friday. just take a look down toward national harbor, a great place to be this weekend, if you are thinking about heading down there. hook at the potomac how nice and cam the waters are here. last night, looking at the -- a funnel cloud a wall cloud a nice, strong thunderstorm around 7:00 come through that region. right now 87 degrees, the warm side, the dew point down to 65. any time you are below 65 degrees, at least fairly comfortable, humidity not too much of a factor. 81 degrees in gaithersburg 81 martinsburg, 82 leesburg, once
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again, just a beautiful, beautiful afternoon. going to be great night, too, going out this evening, dinner outdoor no problems there look at the rain, well down to the south. now spotsylvania county may get in on some of this rain as it tracks down to the southeast. that is it everybody else on the dry side, plenty of sunshine. back to the west though we are watching a couple of areas of rain. here issed one coming through spotsylvania county, down around charlottesville, this is the area right here, this little storm, it is a potent little storm that will make its way across our region overnight. we will see rain overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning, time it out four, 8:00, no problem, but notice the clouds coming in, clouds, no big deal at night, going to be a very nice night if you are heading out. but tomorrows here the rain about 5 a.m., starting to make its way in across our region, if you are up and out the dar at 5 a.m., run into a little bit of that rain. same deal around the 8:00 hour, down to the south but notice by 9, just about everybody is dry and by late afternoon we start to clear out, we see some sunshine, just a slight chance of showers down to our south by
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3:00, most of tomorrow looks good, do not worry about rain tomorrow afternoon. if you have plans tomorrow night, no problem there either. 89 degrees in d.c. for a high tomorrow. nope, that's not right. should have done that map. going for a high of 85 tomorrow in d.c. that impact forecast tomorrow going to be on the low side. not to worry about that again, moderate to high in some locations, we will see afternoon clearing during the afternoon, so that's good. how about this your outdoor impact, 7 a.m., maybe still some showers, so if you're thinking about playing dennis early, may want to wait until after 9:00. that's when we dry out late in the afternoon. really looking at some great conditions as we move on through the 3:00 hour. so, on sunday, high temperature around 90 degrees. it will be hot but not too humid on sunday. so, just on the hot side 89 degrees on your monday. 94 on tuesday. tuesday is date to watch, too 'cause we could see strong to potentially severe storms and rather u÷unsettled on wednesday and thursday as well. so it says 70% chance of rain tomorrow, but it's only in the morning. we are talking about 6, 7, 8 a.m. after that, gets out of here.
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most of tomorrow is looking pretty nice. >> thank you, doug. now at 5:00 tonight, she told the kids they have no manners. >> a judge ordered children to be held in detention because they wouldn't hang out with their father, but it's what else she said in court that sparked protesters to take to the street. and who has the right to die? terminally ill patients want the power in their hands in the district. we will hear the heartbreaking stories on both sides of this debate. dozens of small businesses being targeted in this power scam including
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virginia's attorney general calls it a scam on power customers. >> the crooks target small businesses pretending to be virginia dominion power threatening to cut electricity unless you pay up. >> our northern virginia bureau reporter david culver is live in arlington with a closer look at how this scam works. david? >> reporter: for dr. phillip general tricks power, electricity isn't an option. without it this arlington dentist simply can't work. >> if we lose power, we are done. you know, we got the chairs full, we got suction going. we got our lights on. >> reporter: it is folks like dr. gentry and thousands of other small business owners across our area who the scammers are targeting. it starts with a phone call. caller i.d. seems legitimate. dominion virginia power. >> what makes this scam so
5:31 pm
alarming is the sophisticated level of the people that are doing the scam. >> reporter: chuck penn of dominion virginia power reached out to us hoping to alert would-be victims, says the call seems authentic and the timing precise. >> the busiest time of the day and they try to use a sense of urgency into manipulating them into purchasing a prepaid card. >> reporter: if they don't, the caller says dominion virginia power will immediately cut the cord. >> we are pulling out all stops to let people know that dominion never calls a customer and demands a payment or the spot. >> reporter: dr. gentry could see how easily it would be to fall victim. >> someone to call my receptionist up there and we were busy we were going to turn off the power if we patience she has the credit card up there she would probably go ahead and pay for it. >> reporter: he is prepared for that scammer's potential call. i did reach out to the attorney general's office they have several tips for you to keep safe. for bun, they say if you get a
5:32 pm
phone call like that ask for a written invoice. you can make that request over the phone. if the caller is still persistent, go ahead and hang up and call dominion virginia power directly and have somebody check your county. we put tips on our nbc washington app. search power ask ascam to learn more. several developments in the charles severance murder case this afternoon. his attorneys want him leased on bond to be cared for by his elderly parents. they say he is health is deer orrating behind bars and they cite a broken ankle and injured knee. severance is accused of killing three alexandria residents over a ten-year span. his lawyers also want a witness to one of the murders from -- from identifying severance in court. rockville leaders say speed cameras are making you the city safer. 33,000 tickets were sent out
5:33 pm
last year, about 6,000 fewer than the year before. ed number of crashes in rockville is also down. it dropped 35% since those speed camera programs began back in 2007. the cameras brought in about $230,000 in revenue last year. that money goes toward traffic and pedestrian safety improvements in the city. the old white flint mall in montgomery county, demolished. take a look. chopper4, that was the parking garage at bloomingdale's people. remember that? i spent many a saturday there. you can see crews have knocked it down to the street level, clearing out all the debris. that could take a few more months. bethesda magazine reports the mall owners are waiting on the county to approve other demolition permits that let them tackle the building. the bat of the belt ways begins tonight at camden yards. >> the nationals and orioles meeting the first time this season. dave johnson join us in the
5:34 pm
studio. who has the emtonightdge tonight? >> i will put it in political terms too close to call, both team also bad weeks. for two teams doing quite well what about their rivalry? is it like a political feud? does proximity breed intensity between the nats and orioles? rob carlin, my good friend from comcast sports center joins us live from camden yards. what is the word for the players and fans and what we always call the battle of the belt ways? >> reporter: dave, it is fun when this rivalry began both these teams were really, really bad. so it was to the lay forced plot line. now, both the teams are really really good. the thought of a beltway world series is not out of the question. is it a rivalry? not in the grand scheme of things. nats/braves a greatlry. o's/yankees a great rivalry. two very good baseball teams at or near the top of their respective division and that alone makes it a lot of fun.
5:35 pm
>> a different feel, electricity in the stadium. two strong fan base. you know, some fan bases there's a gray area with o's and nats fans neighbors some o's jer swiss nats' hat a fun mix. something that is special. >> we definitely feel like we have some on the line here, bragging rights, whatever you want to say. it is always fun to go out and a team that is down the road from you. >> we are going to get back into it. standing-wise, we are both in strong standings in our divisions. >> reporter: you can tell right now, as you look around the stadium, a lot of red a lot of orange. does have that feel of a rivalry right now. one piece of news from the nation as, gio gonzalez will pitch tonight. we knew that jordan zimmermann
5:36 pm
will pitch tomorrow night. his wife had a baby girl this morning, but he is right back to work. on behalf of all of us i say mazel tov to the zimmerman family and back to work on saturday. >> good stuff indeed. an all-star break coming up to spend time. >> there you go >> i will be back at 6 with more. >> see those highlights at 11, too. thank you, dave. the food and drug administration has strength nted its warning about pain killers such as now getting answers about the real danger to the heart. a shooting at a high school basketball game sent kids
5:37 pm
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i'm aaron gilchrist. the decision today to take down the confederate flag in south carolina is leading to some other changes. 15 years ago, the naacp started an economic boycott of the state when lawmakers decided to keep the flag on capital grounds. the united auto workers union joined that boycott and so did the ncaa. now, it banned south carolina from hosting any championship events. now that the flag is down the bans have been lifted. the universities in south carolina are now eligible to host championship or march madness games. it will be a while before that happens. most march madness sites have been chosen through 2018. south carolina can also host ncaa women's basketball regional games and it is not just
5:40 pm
basketball here, football bowl games can also come back to south carolina. charleston actually lobbied for a palmetto bowl in 2004 but it was turned down because of the ban. now, this weekend, the naacp will introduce a measure to lift its ban. the group could hold an annual conference in the statement the united auto workers union has lifted its ban. for more on the flag coming down and what it has meant for sexing and other southern states, need and search south carolina. the news in south carolina has had some repercussions in our neck of the woods. to see what's changing in virginia as a result, head to our nbc washington app and search virginia flag. and a battle over whether someone should be allowed to die on their own terms is now taking center stage in the district of columbia. patients fighting for their right to die with dignity. we will find out why some say a change in the law could do more harm than good. for years, prince george's
5:41 pm
county government has worked to decentralize service bus could the county executive and county council soon be mmmm yoplait! i am needing to tell you something about yogurt. there is now 25% less sugar in yoplait original. poofs! ♪ that sugar is gone! so do i still love this yogurt? yes! because it still tastes good!
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why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back.
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fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want, not the ones you don't. 100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month. go online or call. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v the right to die on your own terms it is a topic that got debate. >> the d.c. council is considering its own death with dignity bill. news4's zachary kiesch was there for some emotional testimony.
5:44 pm
>> it really is designed for those folks experiencing tremendous pain and suffering at the end of their lives. >> reporter: it is about options, choice the right to die. supporters say the legislation allows mentally competent adults who are terminally ill to die with dignity on their own terms. nearly 70 people testified at the bilson building on both sides today. >> i promised britty. >> reporter: one was jade wood a close friend of brittany maynard a 29-year-old newly married woman in california, diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. >> she elected move herself with her husband to oregon so she could avail herself to oregon's death with dignity law. >> reporter: her decision got national attention. d.c.'s legislation, not a law yet, is similar to oregon's launch the death with dignity act would allow d.c. residents who have had two doctors confirm a terminal diagnosis fill a prescription medication to end their lives. >> i'm against the bill because
5:45 pm
it causes people to die quicker. some of them may actually would commit suicide. >> we are basing this entirely on our strong conviction that disabled lives are valuable. >> reporter: samantha crane with the autistic self-advocacy network and a group called not dead yet says many adults diagnosed with disbaits are depressed and suicidal. she is not in support. coming up tonight at 6:00, a personalized story of how the right to die in oregon is bringing a sense of peace to one local woman living with a terminal illness. reporting here at the wilson building, zachary keys, news4. >> and a doctor who treated healthy people for cancer so he could line his own pockets will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. dr. farid fata apologized in court today for the first time. this detroit-area oncologist says he was driven by greed and a thirst for power. he gave chemotherapy to hundreds of patients who didn't need it
5:46 pm
and then he collected more than $17 million from their insurance companies, that's according to the prosecutors. the judge gave him 45 years. you may have heard about this, the food and drug administration strengthen the warning labels on some common pain relievers you may have at home because of an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. we are talking about medications called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, that includes ibuprofen, naproxen and prescription strength arthritis drugs. nraids have commonly found in other medicines like cold and cough remedies. dr. alan day lork the chief of cardiology at the medstar heart and vascular institute joins us now in the studio to answer some of your questions about this. thank you for coming in. >> tell us why now? we have all just been taking these drugs whenever we have aches and pains and suddenly, we need to be concerned. why? >> right. these are everywhere. what's new is that they have strengthened the warnings, extending it to all doses and
5:47 pm
duration and drugs. this information's been out there, but the warping gets a little stronger now so patients are aware. >> is there a certain time that we should not be taking them or is there a certain dosage that we should only limit ourselves to? >> right. you're always best getting away with the shortest duration of treatment at the lowest strength. and if you have to take one, maybe nap proxson a little safer, the aleve-type drug. in general, it is always make sure you need them before taking them, don't take them without a good reason. >> people are weighing this out there every day because some of them -- some people take it every day for the severe pain, to help them sleep at night. what do you advise them and are we better off taking aspirin or prescription drug? >> the first is to realize the risks are quite small. the problem is that extended across the wide use the risk of the population can become large. so, for an individual person, th particularly if there's been no heart disease or no heart risk factors. for that person it is probably okay. if you're going to need long-term treatment or high-dose
5:48 pm
treatment, that's time to pause, talk with your doctor make sure they are the right medicines for u naproxen may be a good choice in that instance. >> thanks so much. >> thanks so much for clearing this up for us. we have posted a complete story about the fda's changes on our nbc washington facebook page so you can share it with your friends. newly released court documents indicate that the gun that was used in a shooting outside of frederick high school earlier this year had been linked -- has been linked to other shootings in frederick. this information from ballistic tests came to light during a bond hearing for21-year-old brandon tyler who is charged in the shooting outside of a basketball game at frederick high. tyler has been in jail since his arrest. yesterday, his lawyer asked a judge to -- to set bond for that. and the judge refused. the prosecutor did not elaborate on the other shootings. the prince george's county executive has purchased a new multimillion dollar building in largo for his office and that could mean a major move for part
5:49 pm
of the government there. details are still being worked out tonight but the possible move has some folks wondering about the future of the county seat in upper marlboro. bureau chief tracee wilkins live in largo with how this could impact county resident. tracy? >> reporter: they are sorting out a lot of details now the county council has a number of questions. so as it stands, no one's moving into this building just yet. but there are a lot of concerns and folks wondering what all of this means. upper marlboro has been prince george's county's seat since its founding in 1696, but in 2015 it's also considered somewhat remote and hard to get to it's why the county's government is slowly moving to largo, since county executive baker took office. >> again, largo is much more right off the beltway in the center of the county. >> reporter: the county has buying up property in that area, most recently 1301 mccormick drive, purchased for $21.7 million. sources close to the purchase
5:50 pm
say it was bought to be the new home of the county executive's office and the county council as well. there's no decisions being made, right now we are still assessing where we are with our budget situation, what it's going to mean, you know, for the county government. >> reporter: as it stands, the county council is withholding the 12 million needed to actually move those offices. sources say come council members respect clear on why this particular location will benefit workers and residents. meanwhile -- are you planning for a ghost town? upper marlboro's main street business owners who depend on those county workers are concerned. >> they are very important, 'cause these are our patrons that come on lunch hours. >> reporter: but for some residents who do business in this county, largo makes sense. >> i think this area is really up and coming and upper marlboro, at least for me 'cause i live in lanham, is kind of far away. >> reporter: that county executive spokesman says that in order to change upper marlboro as the county seat, they would have to change the county's charter and there are no
5:51 pm
discussions to do that. he also says that there will always be an element of local government there in upper marlboro. in largo, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> all right, thank you. amelia joins us now. she has her eyes on some rain coming in for when? >> move in during the overnight hours and then tomorrow morning but here in the district, even as we work our way toward the mid and late morning hours, we are going to start to dry out. so only if you have plans outdoors early tomorrow morning for those of you in washington and parts of northern maryland, western maryland and back around the panhandle of west virginia, know you're going to quickly dry out. talking about right now the beautiful outside, 87 degrees right now, showing the dew point temperature, this talks about human i at 65 or higher, we stay is humid outside it is right on the dot. yesterday, our dew point temperatures were in the 70s, air very thick getting a break from the humidity today. it will be coming back this weekend but not going to be oppressive, by any means. here are weather impacts tomorrow morning, the weather
5:52 pm
having a high impact on your day. at this point we will be tracking rain, heavy in spots, chuck will be in tracking that on storm team4 radar and could see possible flash flooding, especially around the corridor. moving toward the midday hours as the rain pulls away, weather only start was to a low to moderate impact on your day. at that point, rain mainly south of washington and by the afternoon and evening hours, the chance of scattered showers in southern maryland, aside from that everyone else is drying out and that's going to set us up for a spectacular evening. temperatures at 5 p.m. tomorrow in the low to middle 80s, 35r9ly sunny skies. mountain forecast, tomorrow, some flash flooding is possible very early in the morning but know most of your day is looking dry. luray high of 84 heading to northern virginia. thrice in the low to middle 80s, warrington, a high of 83. so morning rain but we are dry afternoon hours there. and then tomorrow those of you in southern maryland, looking like a pretty soggy day relative to everyone else, rain for the morning and midday hours and the chance for scattered afternoon
5:53 pm
showers. leonardtown, high temperature of 79 camp springs, high tomorrow of 84. nats versus orioles, tonight, tomorrow and sunday weather for all three of those games, the battle of the belt ways is looking good. tonight tomorrow, temperatures around 80 for the game. sunday, warm, almost hot, a high temperature of 90. if you're leaving town and heading to the beach, the water temperature now at a more comfortable 76 degrees. tomorrow, at the beach, not looking great. rain especially during the morning hours, breezy, a high of only 78. sunday is looking like the better to. two beach days, with a high of 80 degrees. back here at home, sunday overall, looking better than saturday. mostly to partly sunny skies, it's hot but's not too humid, with a high temperature around monday -- 90. monday keeping it dry, high of 89. partly sunny. and then tuesday, showers and thunderstorms in the forecast, look at the high. 94 degrees and the humidity is back in full force. when we come bin those two factors, among other weather
5:54 pm
variables, we could see some strong-to-severe thunderstorms on tuesday so we are going to keep a close eye and potentially a weather alert day. for wednesday, the chance of showers and thunderstorms the high temperature near 90. on thursday, a high of 87, with a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the forecast once again. >> thanks amelia. they refused to ed tod to spend time about their dad. >> now, a couple kids ordered to detention are going to be leased. bev more on this late ruling and the controversial comments from the judge. new fallout from the baltimore riots. the e-team reveals how many thousands of dollars were sp
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
three children in michigan are set to be leased after a judge order them to a deans center because they refused to have dinner with their father that sparked protest outside the courthouse. as pat law soon muse reports, it wasn't just the unusual sentence that upset the demonstrators. >> reporter: these parents and children can't believe the sentence a judge imposed on three siblings who refused to spend time with their father. >> the freedom of speech. they are constitutional heroes for sticking to their guns. >> reporter: they picketed outside the oakland county courthouse after a judge ordered the kids, ages 14, 10 and 9 to children's village where they could have had to stay until they turned 18. >> there are felonies that are
5:58 pm
committed in our state, adults who commit felonies, who aren't sentenced to three or four years in incarceration. >> reporter: county judge lisa gorsika didn't hold back last month as she sentenced the children to detention because they defied her orders to let their father be a part of their lives. she said to the oldest sibling -- the 14-year-old boy told the judge he witnessed his father hitting his mother but the judge insisted the father was a good man and she wasn't any easier on the youngest sibling, a 9-year-old girl. she told the girl -- then she asked the girl this question -- these parents feel the judge was way out of line, not only in her sentencing but also about these words.
5:59 pm
>> this case misbehave in my class ram all the time i have never used the kind of language i have seen being used in the courtroom proceedings. >> the children will be put in a summer camp where their parents will be allowed to visit them with a supervisor. a store clerk shot in the head. she survives and now an arrest more than a year later. what we are learning about the suspect's criminal past. the man accused in the charleston church massacre should not have been allowed to buy a gun. the mistakes made weeks before that attack. first tonight, an historic moment in south carolina in the wake of that racially motivated attack inside a church. >> tens of thousands stood today on the capital grounds as the state police honor guard lowered
6:00 pm
the confederate flag for good. nbc's jay gray is in columbia now with the story that has been the focus of so much debate. jay? >> reporter: hello there as you talk about thousands packed into the capital grounds here many called this morning's ceremony important, emotional, it was moving for a lot of those here. things starting to get back to normal at this point many who were here will tell you after this morning, nothing in south carolina will ever be quite the same. a roar of approval as the confederate flag is lowered for the last time outside the south carolina state house. >> it's a very special day for me, a very special day for all south carolinians. and many of us fought for years and years to bring the flag down.


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